Earn money with Binance Futures anniversary tournament

This time, celebrate the anniversary of Bitcoin Revolution Futures in style, and you can earn money from it. Specifically, this company is celebrating its first anniversary with its first trading tournament, with more than US$ 1,600,000 in BNB in prizes.

According to the official statement, this special event will last almost a month. Specifically, it will open from today until October 6th, 2020 at 0:00:00 AM (UTC). There are several prizes and we will show them to you below.

Team BTC Profit Rewards: cumulative prize of up to 1,350,000 USD in BNB

Team BTC Profit Comeback: Up to 150.000 USD in BNB accumulated prize money.
Daily Lucky Drawings: 75,000 USD in BNB to give away.
Binance Futures Tournament BTC Profit Prizes
To promote friendly competition and collaboration, this will be a team tournament. The amount of the dynamic accumulated prize will be determined by the number of participants.

In that sense, Binance seeks to promote greater community participation to reach the maximum accumulated prize of 1,500,000 USD.

All teams that trade „COIN-Ⓜ“ contracts with COIN margin and „USDT-Ⓜ“ contracts with USDT margin at Binance Futures, during the tournament period, will be ranked according to their total earnings performance.

Total profit performance is calculated as the sum of the top 10 individual BTC profit results within the team.

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Prizes for the return of BTC team winnings: 10% of the dynamic accumulated prize during the Binance tournament
Teams that do not qualify for Profit Rewards may qualify for Profit Comeback awards. All teams will be ranked by their „return score“.

This score is calculated as the difference between each team’s lowest P&L rating at any time during the tournament period and each team’s final P&L rating at the end of the tournament period.

The teams with the top five return scores will share 10% of the dynamic prize pool. The distribution of prizes within the winning Profit Reward and Profit Comeback teams is as follows:

Each team leader will receive 30% of their team’s total reward. Then, the top 10 individual USDT contributors in each team will equally divide 20% of their team’s total reward. All other team members will equally divide 50% of their team’s total reward.

Please note here that only team leaders and team members with 5 or more BTCs in futures trading volume during the competition period will receive a division of their team rewards.