The squirrel is laboriously impressive

Give me animal names! But please don’t give me too funny ones: The Benin Football Association is putting the nickname of its national team to the test. The „squirrels“ should become less cute. Too bad actually.

They call themselves „Les Écureuils“. The squirrels. However, Benin’s football association is unhappy with the nickname of its national football team, which has been established for decades. Too small, too shy, too harmless. The discussion about the supposedly unsuitable battle name is by no means new; in 2008 there was the last attempt to find a more terrifying name for the football selection. It failed – and the nimble rodent escaped once again.

Now the association is making a new attempt. With the help of an Internet questionnaire one wants to determine, which relationship the followers really have to their kicking „squirrels“. After all, a nickname must embody both national consciousness and Benin’s sporting ambitions, according to the introduction.

Do you believe that the name of a football team has an impact on its performance or results? What qualities does such a name have to have? (Choices: Victory, strength, representing the values of the country, courage, perseverance, other) What name would you like? Why? 18 questions that could kill the cute squirrels. The vote is to run until 18 October.

In the midst of the most dangerous predators that the neighbours are calling for their best footballers, Benin’s squirrels are in fact the exception. Other African national teams are lions, eagles or elephants, sharks, crocodiles or scorpions, panthers, leopards or mambas. If bonds are taken in the animal kingdom, then it must be particularly large, fast or poisonous.

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Toxic masculinity in the middle circle

In Benin, on the other hand, an anxious croissant with a pushy tail scurries up the tree – a croissant, by the way, which is not even naturally at home in this part of the world.

It sounds like an innocent little football anecdote, at first glance it’s about an association in search of a new contemporary image. The fact that this story must not contain anything that is not aggressive or imposing is unfortunately also suitable as a symbol of our time. Threatening gestures and war roars – this is the only way to believe you can keep up with the competition of nations. Toxic masculinity in the middle circle. Identity policy goes World Cup qualification. Message: There’s no room for escape animals here. Read here to check what is Loki Casino all about.

But things would be different: it’s not as if the squirrel were living a virtueless life. It feeds itself laboriously, and therefore brings perseverance and diligence with it. It is fast, it climbs the highest tops smoothly. It also provides for bad phases before, while the lion still dozes sluggishly in the sun. These are all abilities that are certainly not detrimental on the soccer field. And the cuteness factor helps with marketing.